Digital Media
Computer Graphics Design

Digital Media

Contact Person: Teresa Sept
Office Location:Canyon103A
Direct Phone: 208-732-6315

Digital Media is a program designed for students interested in studying the creation, use, and management of high-quality digital media content. The primary focus is on the production and application of digital multimedia, web design, video, and graphic design for print in a project-based, hands-on learning environment. Course work prepares graduates to work as freelancers or in a variety of industries as digital media creators and content managers.

To be admitted a student must have:

  • COMPASS placement score to place into MATH 025 or completed MATH 015
  • COMPASS placement score to place into ENGL 090 or completed ENGL 015
  • Met the Computer Literacy graduation requirement by either passing the CSA exams, passing CISA 101 with a C grade or better or is currently enrolled in CISA 101
  • Met with the program advisor

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