IT Development and Security
Web Application Development

IT Development and Security

Contact Person: Brian Gergens
Office Location: Canyon 124E
Direct Phone: 208-732-6313

This program will prepare you with the knowledge and the skills necessary to become a competent web developer. As a student in the program, you will learn about web design and development fundamentals, database design techniques, and you will be introduced to several programming languages. Upon graduation you will be able to develop robust, database-driven web applications.

To be admitted a student must have:

  • COMPASS placement score to place into MATH 025 or completed MATH 015
  • COMPASS placement score to place into ENGL 090 or completed ENGL 015
  • Met the Computer Literacy graduation requirement by either passing the CSA exams, passing CISA 101 with a C grade or better or is currently enrolled in CISA 101
  • Met with the program advisor

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