Information Technology Department
Digital Media

Advisor: Teresa Sept
Phone: 208-732-6315

Computer Support Technician

Advisor: Kirk Ruby
Phone: 208-732-6316

IT Development and Security

Advisor: Brian Gergens
Phone: 208-732-6313

Network Systems Technician

Advisor: RD Van Noy
Phone: 208-732-6309

Administrative Assistant

Advisor: Lori Garnand
Phone: 208-732-6317

Programs in the Information Technology department prepare students for employment in the competitive field of computer information systems. Depending on the choice of the program options, which vary from 9 months to two years, students may earn a postsecondary technical certificate, or an Associate of Applied Science degree.

The Information Technology department is committed to helping you succeed in your educational goals. We understand not everyone can make classes during the scheduled times, and we have a variety of online and evening classes available. Please contact Lori Garnand for additional information so we can tailor a schedule specifically to you.